Amangiri: The Most Luxury and Remotest Hotel in the Desert

Nestled amid the canyons of southern Utah near the Arizona border, at the confluence of four states—Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico—lies Amangiri, a renowned luxury hotel situated in the remote desert. Seamlessly integrated into the encompassing dunes, plateaus, and mountain ridges of this distinctive landscape, the enigmatic atmosphere of Amangiri is a significant draw for travelers, including high-profile individuals such as Victoria Beckham, the Kardashians, Dua Lipa, and Gordon Ramsay. These discerning guests seek exceptional experiences from around the world, relishing the privacy and escape from the crowds that Amangiri offers.

Amangiri blends into untouched red-rock country, over 900 acres of the vast and majestic Colorado Plateau, the original Wild West. In this desert landscape of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges, the modernist Suites of Amangiri and the tented Pavilions of Camp Sarika offer an inspiring welcome to one of the world’s most dramatic secluded settings. The suites, villas and tented pavilions are just a stone’s throw away from the stunning wilderness of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

The geologically extraordinary landscape of the Colorado Plateau is home to the highest concentration of national parks in the US, giving Amangiri guests an extraordinary array of places to explore and wonders to discover. The resort’s resident guides can unlock the secrets of the landscape with bespoke itineraries for travel by land or air.

Thousands of square miles of untouched scenery surround Amangiri, which lies at the gateway to major national parks in the Colorado Plateau like Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. From canyoneering and cultural insights to excursions by air, bike, boat or on horseback, guests are encouraged to discover the region their way. Long-standing relationships with local experts allow Amangiri to arrange tailor-made itineraries for every guest – a bespoke approach that guarantees a creative, adventurous and fulfilling experience.

With 34 clean-lined stone Pavilions and Suites, Amangiri invites guests into the heart of Utah’s desert landscape, offering space, privacy and uncompromising comfort with outdoor lounges, sun roofs and private pools. A short walk or five-minute drive from the resort, Camp Sarika by Amangiri promises an intimate, back-to-the-wild experience with a cluster of 10 pavilions, each with a private plunge pool.

To have ultimate dining experiences in the desert, Amangiri offers the sunset trail that allows guests to set out a secluded spot in the desert and enjoy canapés and chilled champagne as the sun sinks behind the mesas, casting its rose-gold glow across the ancient landscape. Also, an intimate, open-air fireside pavilion is the ideal spot for a private dinner beneath the star-spangled desert sky. Next to the main swimming pool, beside a grand central fireplace, Amangiri’s chef serves food fresh from the open grill.

Extending over 25,000 square feet of the Utah desert, the Aman Spa looks out over the tranquillity of America’s Canyon Country. As well as Aman Spa Signature therapies and journeys, Amangiri’s expert therapists offer treatments that draw on the elements of earth, wind, fire and water.

Worried about the journey being challenging to reach Amangiri? Fret not, as Page Municipal Airport (PGA) is conveniently situated just 25 minutes away, and complimentary transfers are extended to all guests. Whether you’re traveling from St. George, Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, you’ll enjoy a picturesque drive lasting approximately 2.5 to 4.5 hours, with several routes traversing through breathtaking national parks.

Source: Amangiri