Christie’s Shanghai Auction Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Shanghai’s illustrious art scene is set to reach new heights as Christie’s Shanghai celebrates a decade of remarkable achievements with its 10th-anniversary auction extravaganza this September. The milestone is not just a testament to the auction house’s prowess, but also a reflection of the rapid and dynamic growth of the Asian art market. As the first international auction house to secure authorization for live auctions in mainland China, Christie’s has been a catalyst in nurturing the burgeoning local art scene while seamlessly merging Eastern and Western artistry.

Since its groundbreaking inaugural auction in 2013, Christie’s Shanghai has orchestrated an impressive saga of success stories, introducing extraordinary artworks that transcend borders and centuries. This monumental anniversary marks an occasion for both reflection and anticipation as the house continues to break barriers and redefine the parameters of luxury art in the heart of Asia.

The 10th-anniversary celebrations promise an array of opulent events that encapsulate the allure of fine art and luxury. From grand galas to exclusive exhibitions, the city of Shanghai will be transformed into a haven of cultural indulgence. This milestone is an opportune time to reflect on Christie’s journey through the Asian market, unveiling masterpieces that embrace the captivating amalgamation of artistic legacies.

One cannot overlook the profound significance of Christie’s role in the evolution of the Chinese art market. With unwavering commitment, the auction house has showcased unparalleled treasures that span the spectrum of artistic expression. By embracing both Eastern and Western artistic traditions, Christie’s Shanghai has elevated the city’s status as a global cultural epicenter.

Source: Christie’s