Counting Down to Mercedes-Benz’s BAM Festival 2023!

This 13-15 October, Friday to Sunday, Central Harbourfront will transform into a vibrant hub of innovation and creativity as Mercedes-Benz presents the BAM Festival 2023. This exceptional event promises a mesmerizing blend of cutting-edge technology, sustainable initiatives, wellness, gastronomy, arts, and entertainment, all designed to give attendees a glimpse of the future envisioned by Mercedes-Benz. Read on to discover the highlights of this futuristic extravaganza.

Step into the future of all-electric off-road adventures with the Concept EQG, a groundbreaking prototype that seamlessly merges the iconic off-road capabilities of the original G-Class with Mercedes-Benz’s vision for a sustainable, electric-powered future. Visitors can explore this marvel of innovation up close, capturing memories with the Concept EQG against its stunning backdrop.

Indulge your senses and energise your spirit with a weekend full of activities. Engage in yoga classes, try emerging sports, and participate in fitness programs that will keep your heart racing throughout the day. Let loose to the beats of live DJs, dancing under the sky throughout the weekend. The pinnacle of entertainment arrives on Saturday night with a live concert featuring Jeffrey Ngai, Panther Chan, and Wilson Ng Lam Fung’s music band.

Take a delightful break from exploring the future at the Food & Drinks Garden, a mini-Oktoberfest nestled amid the festival’s excitement. With grass flooring evoking the biergarten atmosphere, indulge in genuine German beers, delectable snacks, and munchies while enjoying live music performances. International cuisines, beverages, and cocktails await, offering a culinary journey by the mesmerizing Victoria Harbour.

At the heart of BAM Festival lies the Innovation Hub, a sanctuary of the latest and greatest in automobile, digital, and sustainable innovations, epitomizing Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to progressive luxury. Engage with intriguing tech offers, explore future projects, and participate in forums and tech workshops led by over 20 industry experts. Share insights, trends, and knowledge, shaping the future of technology together.

Kids’ Town powered by AXA is a haven for the stars of the future. Designed to unleash boundless creativity, this unique playground features a Mini Mall where young “kid-trepreneurs” operate their businesses, selling handcrafted goods. Engage in fun, educational activities like AR art jamming and STEM workshops. Children can even experience an electric ride, igniting their passion for driving and innovation.

Mercedes-Benz’s BAM Festival 2023 is not merely an event; it’s a gateway to the future. As you revel in the festivities, explore cutting-edge technology, savor exquisite cuisines, and witness the unbridled creativity of tomorrow’s pioneers. Come and be a part of this extraordinary experience, where innovation meets imagination, and the future unfolds before your eyes. Join us on 13-15 October 2023 at Central Harbourfront and embrace the future envisioned by Mercedes-Benz.

Please visit BAM HK’s website for more details and registration for free entry.

Source: Mercedes Benz