Counting Down to Mid-Autumn: Premium Mooncake Selection 2023

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the air becomes crisp, and the allure of moonlit nights takes center stage. It’s the season when we gather with loved ones to admire the luminous full moon and indulge in a timeless tradition – savoring mooncakes. In anticipation of this enchanting festival, Classique presents a carefully curated selection of premium mooncakes. These exquisite creations blend tradition with modernity, promising a taste of opulence that perfectly complements the festivities. Join us in celebrating this Mid-Autumn Festival with a culinary journey that transcends taste, as we unveil the epitome of mooncake craftsmanship and luxury.

The Peninsula Boutique

The Peninsula Boutique offers various selections of gift box sets of their famed egg custard mooncakes, renowned for the buttery crust and the deliciously rich and fragrant filling, and as well as lotus seed paste mooncakes with yolk. Just delight your taste buds with different sensational touch.

This year, The Peninsula Boutique reveals the brand new chocolate egg custard mooncakes with fine couverture, featuring two divine recipes – the chocolate brownie egg custard with crunchy macadamia and the soft and sweet toffee egg custard.

And the second surprise is the rich and indulgent tea flavoured egg custard mooncakes which are traditionally served alongside a steaming pot of Chinese tea, and infused with two of their signature items, either lychee black tea or Peninsula breakfast tea for an intriguingly complex flavour.

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Spring Moon at The Peninsula (嘉麟樓)

When it comes to mooncakes, you can never miss out the long-waited return, Spring Moon’s mini egg custard mooncakes which first launched in 1986 at The Peninsula Hong Kong, the highly coveted masterpiece has since then raised the bar for this storied confection by blending eastern traditions with western culinary skills.

Spring Moon Mini Egg Custard Mooncake (8 pieces) HK$638

And this year, under the leadership of Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef Lam Yuk Ming, the Spring Moon culinary team presents Seasame Paste Mochi Mooncake alongside its beloved classic egg custard variety, which is inspiried by Chef Lam’s childhood memories of enjoying sweet, steamed sesame and lotus-seed paste buns with his family, the traditional treats evoke both fond nostalgia and the distinctively authentic flavour of Hong Kong.

Limited Edition Sesame Paste Mochi Mooncake (6 pieces) HK$688

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Regent Hong Kong & Lai Ching Heen (麗晶軒)

Celebrate the first Mid-Autumn Festival since the return of the reimagined Regent Hong Kong with specially crafted mooncakes in bespoke Regent and Lai Ching Heen gift boxes and flavours.

The Regent Hong Kong curated collection of mini assorted mooncakes is elegantly presented in a sleek two-layered teal gift box with golden moon insignias. The variety of flavours (white lotus seed paste with yolk, red bean paste with mandarin peel, green tea custard and earl grey tea custard) and textures makes this the quintessential gift for business associates, family and friends.

Regent Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes HK$428

Celebrating a rich legacy with the continued accolades of two MICHELIN Stars and Black Pearl Diamonds, Lai Ching Heen is bringing back its beloved egg custard mooncakes. Handcrafted with edible gold leaf flakes melded into the deliciously smooth and creamy mixture, the exquisite mini egg custard mooncakes are a shimmering gourmet treat and prestigious gift.

Lai Ching Heen Mini Egg Custard Mooncake HK$688

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Paying tribute to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Duddell’s presents the tastefully auspicious Mooncake Gift Box series, showcasing their coveted Lava Cream Custard Mooncakes in exquisite packaging designed by Hong-Chong Ip. Masterfully fusing traditional concepts with contemporary aesthetics, the gift boxes are available in three styles: the Signature Gift Box, the Limited Edition LED Lantern Gift Box, and Duddell’s Mid-Autumn Premium Gift Hamper.

Limited Edition LED Lantern Lava Cream Custard Mooncakes Gift Box HK$688
Dudell’s Mid-Autumn Premium Gift Hamper HK$3,288

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The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong & Amber

Never thought about celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival could be eco-friendly? The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong offers a chic and sustainable Mooncake Bento, which is a crafted multi-functional bento box that embraces sustainability. Uniquely crafted and reusable, the bento box feature six mini egg custard mooncakes to be enjoyed at full moon reunions with your loved ones. It can be repurposed into microwavable bento and functional food containers for daily use. And by returning the full set of the two-tiered boxes by the end of October, a complimentary glass of the Sommelier’s wine will be gifted at Amber, SOMM and MO Bar as an appreciation of guests’ unwavering support towards sustainability efforts.

The Mooncake Bento HK$458

Vegetarian FANs can gladly savour the festive delights voraciously to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Amber’s latest curations with esca – a Hong Kong vegetarian brand that embraces the authentic flavours of natural ingredients. Chef Richard Ekkebus selected two impressive flavours, Pumpkin Kabocha with Pumpkin Seed and another luscious medley of AN Soy, Conspiracy Chocolate Dak Lak Cocoa & Almonds, to surprise guests’ senses and enjoyment. Bake fresh with top-notch natural ingredients and a limited edition of only 1,000 boxes, two pieces of each flavour are presented in a luxurious gift box crafted by FSC paper.

Amber x esca Mooncake HK$498

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The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong & Tin Lung Heen (天龍軒)

Due to popular demand, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is delighted to reintroduce its Premium Bird’s Nest Egg Custard Mooncake Set to its Mid-Autumn festival offering. The exceptional mooncake is made with carefully selected bird’s nest renowned for its nourishing properties and luxurious appeal. Elegantly designed with a golden façade, the three-tiered gift box signifies Mid-Autumn blessings with the top tier featuring endearing jade rabbits and a drifting full moon illuminated by LED lights. Remaining tiers are layered with four individual Premium Bird’s Nest Egg Custard Mooncakes each, forming an auspicious visual that elevates Mid-Autumn festivities for family and friends.

Inspired by traditional Mid-Autumn Festival elements, “Luna Serenity” Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes Set features the mythological Jade Rabbit, a representation of serenity; the lotus flower, a symbol for renewal; and the traditional red lantern on the classic Memorable Blue façade of the mooncake box. Utilizing soft, harmonious tones and distinct, intersecting lines, vivid Mid-Autumn stories are told in an innovative art style. At the center, a radiant full moon shines, framing the Chinese characters “Blooming Flowers and a Full Moon”, which is a heartfelt expression of good wishes. The mooncake box is reminiscent of a treasure chest illuminated by moonlight.

[Left] Premium Bird’s Nest Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Box HK$798
[Right] “Luna Serenity” Mini Egg Custard Mooncake Set HK$438

This year’s coveted mooncake box features an alluring new design that incorporates multiple elements of the Cantonese restaurant while maintaining its signature red and gold color scheme. Upon opening the gift box, guests are greeted with delicate paper-cutting sheets that represent the traditional partitions found in Cantonese restaurants, creating the sense of entering the restaurant. Underneath the sheets, eight exquisitely crafted mini egg custard mooncakes, made with care by Director of Culinary – Chef Paul Lau, and a black and gold tea box housing six packs of Premium Nannuo Ripe Pu’er tea are presented.

Tin Lung Heen Limited Edition House-made Egg Custard Mooncakes with Premium Nannuo Ripe Pu’erh Gift Set HK$828

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Ming Court at Cordis Hotel

Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment HK$438

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, MICHELIN-starred Cantonese restaurant Ming Court presents three types of Ming Mooncakes collection meticulously curated by the master chefs. The mooncakes are exquisitely presented in an elegant gift box designed by acclaimed illutrator Lingmuki that celebrates the best-loved myths and legends of the festival, these sumptuous mooncakes are a true feast for the senses.

The classic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncake simply offers a taste of tradition with finest ingredients. Guests may also consider the Mini Custard with Egg Yolk Mooncake with modern creative twist, which is reminiscent in a taste of excellence. The Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment has redesigned with both classic and modern flavours, which is sure to impress connoisseurs.

White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncake HK$488

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Royal Caviar Club

After the innovative caviar mooncake was introduced in 2020, Royal Caviar Club is proud to announce its new collaboration with Master Pâtissier Gael Majchrzak for the 2023 Caviar Mooncake collection. The caviar mooncake set includes four indulging flavours, French Dark Chocolate with Black Truffle, Hokkaido Cheese Cake, Italian Strawberry and Madagascar Vanilla.

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