Exclusive Interview with Distort Monsters at The First Exhibition in Hong Kong “Get Up and Slam Dance”

Distort Monsters, an artist known for his emotionally expressive artwork, recently held his first exhibition in Hong Kong titled “Get Up and Slam Dance” at 13A New Street Art Gallery. The exhibition serves as a narrative about recovering from burnout and rediscovering one’s passions. Through his vibrant and playful artwork, Distort Monsters conveys the message that movement and progress are essential in life. He believes that stagnancy is dead, and growth comes from embracing change and continuously pushing forward. Classique grasped this precious opportunity to have an interview with Distort Monsters.

During an interview with Classique, Distort Monsters shared his thoughts on his artistic process and the use of technology in art. When asked about the inspiration behind his artwork, he mentioned that his creations reflect his personal experiences and emotions. Each painting tells a story, starting with a character who is awakened by smaller monsters and eventually joins them in a dance. The exhibition showcases the transformation from being an observer to an active participant, symbolising the artist’s journey of self-discovery and engagement with the world.

Regarding the use of technology, particularly NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Distort Monsters emphasised that technology is inevitable and ever-evolving. He believes that artists should embrace and adapt to technological advancements rather than resisting them. For him, NFTs are not just financial tools but also a medium for artistic expression. He sees technology, including AI, as a tool that can enhance the creative process rather than replace it.

When it comes to choosing colours for his artwork, Distort Monsters explained that he focuses more on the response and energy that certain colours evoke rather than their specific meanings. He experiments with different palettes to create various moods and allows viewers to interpret the colours based on their own perceptions and emotions.

As the interview concluded, Classique magazine asked Distort Monsters about his future plans and whether his next collection would explore similar themes. The artist responded that his paintings are heavily influenced by his personal experiences, and whatever he encounters in life is likely to translate into his artwork. He remains open to new inspirations and is excited to see how his artistic journey unfolds.

Distort Monsters’ artwork captures the essence of fleeting moments and personal emotions. Through his colourful and expressive pieces, he encourages viewers to embrace change, find their own rhythm in life, and rediscover the vitality that lies within. His artistic journey serves as an inspiration for others to overcome challenges, keep moving forward, and dance to the rhythm of their own lives.

Please find Classique’s full interview with Distort Monsters as below:

Classique: Welcome to Hong Kong! Is this your first exhibition in Hong Kong? And can you share your inspirations behind this latest collection?

Artist: My first exhibition was actually in Taiwan, but this is indeed my first exhibition in Hong Kong! As for the inspirations behind this collection titled “Get Up and Slam Dance,” it’s all about recovering from burnout. It’s about rediscovering the things that I am passionate about. This exhibition is a return to my roots and serves as a reminder for myself to keep moving forward.

Classique: What is the theme and message that you want to express through this exhibition?

Artist: The main theme of this show is encapsulated in the title itself, “Get Up and Slam Dance.” It signifies the importance of continuous movement and progress. It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you go; what matters is that after every struggle, you pick yourself up and keep moving.

Classique: So the exhibition encourages everyone to keep moving forward?

Artist: Exactly. Stagnancy is dead, and movement is synonymous with growth. It’s about embracing change, finding new rhythms, and discovering the vitality that lies within.

Classique: Your artwork is known for its unique creations and distinctiveness. Could you tell us more about the artistic elements and uniqueness of your art pieces?

Artist: People often associate me with the characters I create, particularly the monsters. The features that people attribute to me the most are the vibrant colours and the textured lines in my artwork. These elements play a significant role in conveying emotions and capturing the attention of viewers.

Classique: Your art pieces seem to have a narrative quality. Can you elaborate on the story behind your works in this exhibition?

Artist: Absolutely! Each painting in this exhibition tells a story. Take, for example, the first painting where an orange monster is lying down. It gets awakened by smaller monsters, and their interaction evolves from surprise to amusement. The orange monster observes them and eventually joins in their dance. The progression of the paintings showcases the journey from being an observer to an active participant, symbolising personal growth and engagement with the world.

Classique: Technology, including NFTs, has been a topic of discussion in the art world. What are your thoughts on incorporating technology into your art?

Artist: Technology is an inevitable force that continues to evolve. Instead of resisting it, we should learn to adapt and utilise it. Regarding NFTs, I don’t see them solely as financial tools. To me, they are a medium for artistic expression. Technology, such as AI, can be a valuable tool to enhance the creative process rather than replacing it.

Classique: Colours play a significant role in your artwork. How do you decide which colours to use in a painting?

Artist: The choice of colours in each painting is deliberate. Rather than focusing on specific meanings, I prioritise the response and energy that certain colours evoke. Different colours have the power to make us feel a certain way, and it varies from person to person. I enjoy experimenting with different palettes to create various moods, allowing viewers to interpret the colours based on their own perceptions and emotions.

Classique: Emotion seems to be a prominent element in your art pieces. Can you explain how emotions influence your work, such as the green character waking up lazily?

Artist: Emotions play a significant role in my artwork. For example, the green character starts off lying down, but as it observes the smaller monsters dancing and interacting, it becomes intrigued and amused. This amusement leads to a connection with the smaller monsters, and eventually, the green character joins them in the dance. The emotional journey depicted in the paintings showcases the transition from being an outsider to an active participant.

Classique: What can we expect from your future collections? Will they explore similar themes?

Artist: The future is uncertain, and my artwork is heavily influenced by my personal experiences. Whatever I encounter in life is likely to translate into my paintings. So, we’ll have to wait and see how my artistic journey unfolds. The themes and ideas in my future collections will be shaped by the experiences and inspirations that come my way.

Courtesy of 13A New Street Art Gallery