FIL Hong Kong 2024

​FIL Hong Kong, hosted by NDLabs, will bring together the Filecoin community in one of the world’s emerging hubs for Web3 innovation! During this two-day gathering, Filecoin ecosystem contributors will share insights into the latest developments and future prospects of the Filecoin network –– inspiring the next wave of innovation for the HK tech community.

🌟 Event Highlights 🌟

​💡 Theme Discussions:

​• April 6th: Filecoin & SP Day

​- Engage with Filecoin community members from around the world

​- Gain insights into the latest projects, technologies, and ecosystem developments of Filecoin

​• April 7th: FVM & DePIN Day

​- Explore topics surrounding FVM developer communities and DePIN

​- Discuss economic opportunities for decentralized storage providers and the applications and future trends of virtual machine in the Filecoin ecosystem

​🌍 Global Community Exchange:

​• Connect with Filecoin community members to discover how teams across the globe are building on the world’s largest decentralized storage network

​• 1v1 Office Hour with members of Filecoin Foundation & Protocol Labs

​• Enjoy a relaxing Happy Hour to close FIL HK

​​Whether you’re an industry expert, developer, investor, or simply interested in Filecoin technology, we look forward to your participation!

​📍 Venue: Garage Society Wan Chai, 4/F, Beverly House, 93-107 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong.

Limited capacity, please present your QR code for entry.

​Please check out the website and reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in getting in touch.