Le Grand Tour raconté par Van Cleef & Arpels: A Journey Through Time and Elegance

In the realm of high jewellery, Van Cleef & Arpels unveils their latest masterpiece – “Le Grand Tour raconté par Van Cleef & Arpels“, a high jewellery collection that transcends time, inviting connoisseurs to embark on a visual odyssey through Europe’s cultural gems.
Nicolas Bos, President and CEO of Van Cleef & Arpels, shares, “This High Jewellery collection celebrates a tradition that has always fascinated us.” The collection draws inspiration from the Grand Tour, weaving together the historical richness of European cities with Van Cleef & Arpels’ distinctive craftsmanship.

“This High Jewelry collection celebrates a tradition that has always fascinated us. At the beginning of the 20th century, when Van Cleef & Arpels was founded, curiosity for other cultures, periods and forms of art was a way to fuel one’s imagination and give rise to innovative creations.

We followed the trail of our predecessors and chose cities that were renowned stops historically. We took inspiration from antique jewellery – Roman, Etruscan, Medieval or Renaissance –, marrying it with our own heritage, style and craftsmanship. The result is like a colourful sketchbook that invites to dive into destinations and gemstones.” – Van Cleef & Arpels.

Elegance meets eternal youth in London’s Dea Eterna clip, where a cultured pearl encapsulates the arts of the past. Josiah necklace and earrings boast magnificent sapphires, while Elizabeth earrings with detachable pendants exude regal charm in rose gold and pink spinels.

1. Dea Eterna Clip:
Eternal youth encapsulated in a cultured pearl, a tribute to the arts of the past.
Materials: Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, pink sapphire, sapphires, lapis lazuli, grey cultured pearl, diamonds.

2. Josiah Necklace and Earrings:
Magnificent sapphires set in a regal design, embodying timeless elegance.
Materials: White gold, oval-cut sapphires (25.10 and 21.78 carats), round DIF diamond (1.55 carats), diamonds.

3. Elizabeth Earrings:
Rose gold setting with pink spinels and coral, a perfect blend of sophistication.
Materials: Rose gold, triangle-cut pink spinels (1.71 and 1.58 carats), coral, diamonds.

Eclat Mystérieux necklace pays homage to the Court’s ladies-in-waiting, while Lucendi earrings capture the silhouette of 18th-century chandeliers. Noeud royal ring, a vision in white gold, features a cushion-cut pink sapphire of 6.38 carats.

1. Eclat Mystérieux Necklace:
Revives the memories of Court’s ladies-in-waiting, a blend of Mystery Set emeralds and pearls.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, Traditional Mystery Set emeralds, mauve sapphires, white cultured pearls, diamonds.

2. Lucendi Earrings:
Evokes 18th-century chandeliers with rubellites, diamonds, and rose gold.
Materials: Rose gold, white gold, oval-cut rubellites (11.48 and 10.14 carats), mauve sapphires, diamonds.

3. Noeud Royal Ring:
Showcases a stunning pink sapphire in a white gold setting.
Materials: White gold, cushion-cut pink sapphire (6.38 carats), diamonds.

Regina Montium necklace showcases enchanting blue-green tourmalines, creating a harmonious interplay of shades. Etoile des glaciers clip, a celebration of nature’s renewal, blossoms with diamonds, sapphires, and yellow gold.

1. Regina Montium Necklace:
Harmonious play of blue-green shades, accentuated by diamonds and coloured stones.
Materials: White gold, blue-green tourmalines, sapphires, aquamarines, tanzanites, diamonds.

2. Etoile des Glaciers Clip:
Depicts the awakening of Edelweiss with a composition of diamonds and coloured stones.
Materials: White gold, yellow gold, sapphires, white and yellow diamonds.

Chant des gondoliers necklace evokes the waters of Venice with vivid turquoise cabochons. Reine de l’Adriatique necklace and clip portray the grandeur of Piazza San Marco, studded with intense blue sapphires and lapis lazuli. Escale au palais bracelet captivates with its vibrant palette.

1. Chant des Gondoliers Necklace:
Evokes the emblematic waters of Venice with vivid turquoise cabochons.
Materials: White gold, yellow gold, sapphires, turquoise, diamonds.

2. Reine de l’Adriatique Necklace and Clip:
Graphic set inspired by Piazza San Marco, studded with intense blue stones.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, oval-cut sapphire (9.40 carats), sapphires, lapis lazuli, turquoise, diamonds.

3. Escale au Palais Bracelet:
Vibrant palette capturing the essence of Italian landmarks.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, sapphires, rubies, blue and green tourmalines, tsavorite garnets, diamonds.

4. Capriccio Necklace:
Enduring beauty inspired by the splendour of ancient Rome.
Materials: White gold, yellow gold, pear-shaped emeralds (31.13 carats), diamonds.

Jardin de la rose ring flaunts a 23.67-carat emerald-cut rubellite. Ode à l’amour ring pays homage to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, featuring a 4.04-carat oval-cut pink sapphire. Perla di Angelo necklace and Escale sacrée bracelet embody the allure of Italian landmarks.

1. Jardin de la Rose Ring:
Showcases Floral Elegance, a large emerald-cut rubellite surrounded by coloured sapphires.
Materials: Rose gold, emerald-cut rubellite (23.67 carats), coloured sapphires, diamonds.

2. Ode à l’Amour Ring:
The renaissance tribute, homage to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus with a delicate composition of pink sapphire, rubies, and diamonds.
Materials: Rose gold, white gold, oval-cut pink sapphire (4.04 carats), rubies, pink sapphires, diamonds.

3. Perla di Angelo Necklace:
12 emerald-cut emeralds and white natural pearls create a luxurious and opulence necklace.
Materials: White gold, yellow gold, emerald-cut emeralds, white natural pearls, diamonds.

4. Escale Sacrée Bracelet:
Thin insertions of sculpted gold evoke well-known Italian landmarks, the iconic imagery.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, blue and mauve sapphires, black spinels, diamonds.

Cornucopia clip, a symbol of profusion, dazzles with a 12.38-carat rubellite surrounded by diamonds, rubies, and garnets. Escale antique bracelet boasts the richness of emeralds, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds. Jardin de mosaïque necklace, a transformable masterpiece, unfolds in a cascade of emerald beads and diamonds. Laurier impérial clip, a fusion of white and yellow gold, features a carved cushion-cut sapphire.

1. Cornucopia Clip:
Symbolises profusion and riches with a centrepiece rubellite surrounded by colourful and abundance gemstones.
Materials: Rose gold, white gold, cushion-cut rubellite (12.38 carats), rubies, pink sapphires, spessartite garnets, amethysts, diamonds.

2. Escale Antique Bracelet:
Showcases the brilliance of emeralds and tsavorite garnets in a rose gold setting.
Materials: Rose gold, emeralds, tsavorite garnets, diamonds.

3. Jardin de Mosaïque Transformable Long Necklace:
The transformable beauty unfurls in a cascade of emerald beads, embodying the motifs of Roman mosaics.
Materials: White gold, engraved hexagonal-cut emerald (56.97 carats), sugar loaf emeralds, emerald beads, Asscher-cut diamond (1.01 carats), diamonds.

4. Laurier Impérial Clip:
The royal essence features a carved cushion-cut sapphire in a blend of white and yellow gold.
Materials: White gold, yellow gold, carved cushion-cut sapphire (4.90 carats), sapphires, lapis lazuli, diamonds.

Ninfe necklace, a rose gold masterpiece, showcases a cushion-cut rubellite and vibrant gemstones. Symphonie florale clip brings the lush flora of Amalfi to life with resplendent foliage. Symphonie végétale clip harmonises pink and mauve hues with a central pink tourmaline.

1. Ninfe Necklace:
Captures the vibrant atmosphere of the Amalfi coast with resplendent foliage.
Materials: Rose gold, white gold, cushion-cut rubellite (24.02 carats), oval-cut rubellites, pink sapphires, rubies, spessartite garnets, coral, diamonds

2. Symphonie Florale Clip:
Hanging Gardens: Set of clips with resplendent foliage, reminiscent of the lush flora of Ravello.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, oval-cut spessartite garnet (8.10 carats), oval-cut tsavorite garnet (7.01 carats), oval-cut pink garnet (7.31 carats), tsavorite and spessartite garnets, mauve sapphires, diamonds.

3. Symphonie Végétale Clip:
Pink tourmaline sets the tone for a harmonious palette, complemented by pink and mauve sapphires and diamonds, echoing the beauty of nature.
Materials: White gold, rose gold, oval-cut pink tourmaline (4.81 carats), coloured sapphires, diamonds.

Feuillage mystique, enchanté, and rêveur clips captivate with their coral motifs, opulent fires, and the mystery of moonlight. Jeu de colombage ring adorns a 13.35-carat sugar loaf emerald, while Schäppel ring embodies the festive spirit of Baden-Baden.

1. Feuillage Mystique Clip:
The Enigmatic Foliage depicts a branch of pink coral with ruby and sapphire leaves, creating a mystical ambiance.
Materials: Rose gold, rubies, blue and pink sapphires, coral.

2. Feuillage Enchanté Clip:
Showcases a branch of angel-skin coral with pink sapphire leaves, exuding an ethereal and enchanting charm.
Materials: Yellow gold, pink sapphires, angel-skin coral.

3. Feuillage Rêveur Clip:
The dreamy foliage features a boulder opal motif displaying green, blue, and pink fires beneath a cascade of white gold leaves.
Materials: White gold, boulder opal motif (39.80 carats), blue and pink sapphires.

4. Jeu de Colombage Transformable Ring:
Showcases architectural elegance, a deep green sugar loaf emerald in an intricate design, symbolising the architectural heritage of Baden-Baden.
Materials: White gold, sugar loaf emerald (13.35 carats), rubies, sapphires, diamonds.

5. Schäppel Ring:
The festive spirit evokes the traditional festivals of Baden-Baden with vibrant gemstones and an intricate design.
Materials: Rose gold, white gold, cushion-cut ruby (3.28 carats), emeralds, rubies, pink and yellow sapphires, spessartite garnets, diamonds.

“Le Grand Tour raconté par Van Cleef & Arpels” is a meticulous curation of artistry and storytelling. Each jewellery piece is a chapter in the grand narrative of Europe’s cultural heritage, inviting admirers to indulge in the richness of history and elegance.

Source: Van Cleef & Arpels