VINEXPO ASIA Hong Kong, 28th – 30th May 2024, International fair for wine and spirits

VINEXPO ASIA, established in 1998, is a leading international trade fair for wines and spirits, serving as a pivotal event for the industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The name “VINEXPO” derives from “Vin”, the French word for wine, and “Expo”, an abbreviation for exhibition. This highlights the fair’s core focus on the presentation and trade of wines and spirits.

Organized by Vinexposium SAS, a renowned organizer in this sector, VINEXPO ASIA covers a wide range of topics. These include current trends and developments in the industry, as well as a variety of products and services, such as different types of wines, exclusive spirits, accessories, and the latest technologies in viticulture.

The fair attracts professional visitors from various sectors, including wholesale and retail traders, buyers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and importers. It provides a platform where industry leaders and decision-makers can cultivate networks and deepen business relationships. Additionally, it is part of a global series of events organised by Vinexposium, highlighting its international significance.

Special highlights include a variety of events such as tastings, masterclasses, conferences, panel discussions, and award ceremonies, making the fair a dynamic and interactive experience. These events honor outstanding achievements and draw attention to the quality and innovation of the exhibited products, contributing to the industry’s development.

The choice of Hong Kong as location reflects their central roles as trade and logistics hubs in Asia, facilitating access and logistical arrangements for international participants. The modernly equipped convention centres in both cities are well connected to international airports and public transportation, further enhancing the fair’s attractiveness.

In summary, VINEXPO ASIA, as one of the largest trade fairs of its kind, offers a unique opportunity for professionals from the wine and spirits industry to network, initiate business, and gain insights into the latest industry trends.

Vinexpo Asia offers a unique opportunity to discover new wines and spirits and meet producers looking to establish or grow their presence in China, in Hong Kong or Macao and across the Asia-Pacific region in person, in a single location over three days.

With its easy-to-follow visit itineraries, efficiently organised meetings and special opportunities, Vinexpo Asia provides its visitors with a unique business experience so that they can get the conversation going and sustain it.

The VINEXPO ASIA will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 28. May to Thursday, 30. May 2024 in Hong Kong.