Alisan Fine Arts

Gao Xingjian: Inner Vision 2023
2023-05-18 ~ 2023-08-31

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the French May Arts Festival, Alisan Fine Arts is honoured to announce its 9th solo exhibition for Gao Xingjian, titled Inner Vision 2023. As the first Chinese writer awarded a Nobel Laureate, Gao is not only a notable writer but also a renowned artist and playwright. This is his first solo exhibition after being awarded the Commander of the Legion of Honour for the second time in January.

The exhibition will mostly present his artworks created in the recent two years. Gao’s landscape paintings are different from typical landscape paintings. Instead of portraying the reality and perspective of the scene, he illustrated the changes of light, shadow, and air. These paintings are the reflection of this Nobel awardee’s inner world, echoing his novel Soul Mountain.

Exhibition Details: