Art in Motion: Animated Museum Collection Images shown at HKIA

Adapting the images from Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Museum of Art collections, illustrator Thomas Siu and animator Henry Chiu transformed the brushes and strokes on paper into four short animations: Vigorous Life, Vivid Expressions gazes at the dance of flowers, birds and insects of Chao Shao-an; Transcending Nature dives through the inking mists of Chan Chik, Shitao, and Cheng Tinglu; Sights of Stories strolls along various corners of Hong Kong with Kong Kai-ming and Au Yeung Nai-chim; A Pleasure in Art: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation glimpses into the world of falling leaves and gurgling streams of Gong Xian, Mei Qing and Gao Jian of the Chih Lo Lou Collection. They are now running on the massive screen at the Arrivals Hall of Hong Kong International Airport, as part of the Art in Motion, HKIA Arts and Culture Festival 2023.

Display period: Until 31 December 2023
Location: Arrivals Hall A, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport

Organised by: Hong Kong International Airport
In collaboration with: Art Promotion Office
Collection images provided by: Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Museum of Art