“CING CING” By Candy Mary Solo Exhibition

13A New Street Art Gallery proudly presents “CING CING” by Solo Exhibition by Candy Mary, showing over 27 pieces, from April 25th to May 12th. Over the past few years, Candy Mary’s works have gained immense popularity, establishing her as a rising star in the art world. Her art has become widely recognized and admired throughout Hong Kong and Taiwan, attracting many visitors who come to admire her creations. Candy Mary’s art style embodies a playful and delicate sense of innocence. This early summer, the artist returned to 13A New Street Art Gallery with a new series of artworks.

Candy Mary, a talented artist from Taiwan, has a strong affinity for sweets, just like her name suggests. Colorful wrapping paper and various flavors of sugar powder greatly captivate her. These preferences are reflected in her artwork, which incorporates vibrant and high-saturation colors to capture the audience’s attention. In her latest exhibition, Candy Mary takes her creativity to the next level by using tea as the main theme in “CING CING 青 青conveying the dynamics of human relationships and metaphorically representing life experiences. Candy Mary personifies tea through her self-created character, Mary. Tea, like Mary, exudes a clear and transparent hue while simultaneously carrying a hint of ambiguity. The relationships between individuals are akin to the stories behind each type of tea. The warmth, heat, intensity, subtlety, bitterness, astringency, sweetness, and flavor of tea are comparable to the multifaceted experiences in life. Through numerous trials and tribulations, only those who have experienced can truly understand how bitterness can transform into sweetness. In this noisy world, we need to find our own moments of tranquility. Similar to sipping tea and gazing at the sky in a grandfather’s garden, sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea allows us to experience the blending of tea fragrance and the soul. That delicate and subtle cup of tea may not provide instant gratification, but it can offer us profound emotions and tranquility at a deeper level.

Tea leaves an impression of freshness, leisure, and elegance, giving people a sense of rejuvenation. During Candy Mary’s childhood afternoons, she loved sitting in the garden, watching her grandfather brew tea while admiring the sky. Leisurely leaning back in the chair, he gently poured the tea leaves into the teapot and then infused them with hot water. In the instant when the tea leaves and water blended, a faint tea aroma permeated the surroundings. Sniffing the fragrant tea, she enjoyed a cup of clear and subtle tea that was tasteless yet slightly bitter. In this era that emphasises efficiency, she realised how precious it is to sit down and savour a cup of tea. Tea is sensitive, tea is transparent, tea is profound. It appears clear yet not entirely clear, requiring one to attentively experience it. Candy Mary uses the characteristics of tea and personification techniques to showcase to the audience the seemingly clear yet unclear and ambiguous relationships between individuals. Under layers of colours resembling life experiences, similar to the bitterness one encounters in life’s journey, there comes the sweetness after sipping the bitterness. Only those who have experienced it can truly understand how the taste of bitterness can turn into sweetness.

Candy Mary’s artistic style appears playful with a delicate touch of girlishness. However, upon closer observation, one will notice that the depiction of female skin exhibits remarkable realism. The tiny blood vessels beneath the skin are vividly rendered by Candy Mary’s brushstrokes, portraying a crystal-clear and fair complexion with a rosy blush. This not only evokes envy among girls but also brings a sense of visual delight to viewers. It is truly commendable for a young artist to possess such exquisite craftsmanship.

In addition to her impressive painting skills, Candy Mary imbues each of her artworks with symbolic and profound meanings. Just like her latest series, which metaphorically represents the five flavours of life through the theme of tea, her works invite audiences to delve into the depths and savour the sweetness that follows bitterness.

Open to Public: 26th Apr – 12th May, 2024
Time: 12-7pm (Closed on Mondays , Tuesday)
Venue: 13a New Street Art Gallery, G/F, 13a New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong