Embracing the Future: WHOSiFY Launches a Carbon-Neutral Digital Business Card Revolution

In an era where the new generation prioritises environmental protection and sustainability, the corporate world is undergoing a transformative shift towards green living. This “eco-friendly trend” has gained momentum, with a growing emphasis on ESG factors and innovative technologies to foster sustainable practices. At the forefront of this movement stands WHOSiFY, poised to unveil its latest innovation – carbon-neutral digital business cards – on Earth Day (22 April), at the vibrant Japanese izakaya and rooftop bar, AOAO in Central, Hong Kong.

Ms. Lisa-Marie Tse, the Co-Founder of WHOSiFY, will spearhead the launch event alongside esteemed partners and guests, including Legislative Councilor Mr. Jesse Shang Hailong, Dr. William Yu, CEO of World Green Organisation, Dr Franklin Yu, Board of Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council, and Ir. Lee Ping-kuen, JP, Chairman of Association of Engineering Professionals in Society and former Chairman of the Environmental Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Members and users alike are invited to partake in this significant milestone.

Lisa-Marie Tse’s journey is deeply rooted in her passion for environmental conservation. Growing up in the UK and later winning the 2020 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant championship, she chose to pursue her career in Hong Kong. However, her frequent travels between the UK and Hong Kong revealed the inconvenience and environmental impact of traditional paper business cards. Witnessing the wastage firsthand, she Co-Founded WHOSiFY with like-minded partners to develop simple, reusable, and environmentally friendly digital business cards, promoting paperless digital transformation. The decision to establish the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong was strategic, leveraging the city’s international stature, abundant resources, and supportive business environment, coupled with production support from the Greater Bay Area.

WHOSiFY’s carbon-neutral digital business cards offer users a seamless and sustainable networking solution. By tapping the WHOSiFY digital card on a recipient’s smartphone, users can instantly share their profiles across various platforms, saving time and paper. Made from recycled RPET material, WHOSiFY cards boast a lifespan of up to 10 years, combining durability with environmental responsibility. Customisable designs elevate brand image and style, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional paper cards while reducing paper usage and improving long-term ESG performance. Let’s know more about this innovative digital business card:

Digital Transformation:

WHOSiFY embodies the essence of digital transformation, redefining how we connect and engage. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it elevates communication, collaboration, and content management to new heights. This seamless integration of digital solutions not only enhances efficiency but also enriches both staff and customer experiences, heralding a new era of productivity.

WHOSiFY Card in Titanium

Green Life – An Eco-Friendly Solution:

The staggering statistics of paper wastage from traditional business cards underscore the urgent need for change — around 7,000,000 trees are cut down each year to produce paper business cards! And even worse, 90% of those cards end up being thrown away. WHOSiFY offers a greener alternative, paving the way for a sustainable future. By embracing digital cards, users can significantly reduce environmental impact and contribute to conservation efforts. It’s a conscious choice towards protecting our planet and preserving its resources for future generations.

Enhanced Hygiene – Choose Digital Cards:

In a world increasingly conscious of hygiene, traditional paper business cards pose a significant risk. WHOSiFY addresses this concern by offering digital cards that eliminate the risk of germ accumulation. With a simple tap, users can share their digital profiles effortlessly, prioritising cleanliness without compromising on professionalism.

NFC Communication & Premium Design:

The incorporation of NFC technology ensures seamless connectivity, allowing users to share their digital profiles instantly with a tap, no app required. Furthermore, WHOSiFY’s commitment to premium materials and stylish design sets it apart. From sleek PET to luxurious titanium, each card is a testament to sophistication and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Reliable System and Database Security:

With data security paramount, WHOSiFY entrusts AWS to safeguard user information with its robust infrastructure and comprehensive security measures. Backed by 230 security, compliance, and governance services, users can rest assured knowing their data is protected at every level.

As a champion of sustainable development, WHOSiFY recognises the urgent need to reduce paper waste. Globally, the production of 10 billion paper business cards annually results in the felling of approximately 7.2 million trees and significant carbon emissions. Dr. William Yu emphasises the critical role of trees in mitigating global warming, calling for collective action to preserve them and foster a low-carbon lifestyle. WHOSiFY’s commitment to environmental protection extends to the launch of the world’s first carbon-neutral digital business cards, undergoing rigorous verification processes and offsetting carbon emissions through Core Climate’s international trading platform.

Looking ahead, WHOSiFY’s 2024 plans include active participation in ESG Xchange 2024 and collaboration with PONS.ai to launch limited edition digital business cards, combining art, technology, and personalisation. The introduction of dual-chip 3-in-1 cards to combine employee ID, access card and digital business card to streamline work processes, while procuring recycled materials from local suppliers further reduces carbon emissions. A portion of profits will be donated to support paperless initiatives and sustainable development activities, underscoring WHOSiFY’s commitment to a greener future.

As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, WHOSiFY emerges as a trailblazer, bridging the gap between connectivity, sustainability, and innovation. In embracing this digital revolution, we not only propel ourselves towards a brighter future but also pave the way for a more connected, environmentally conscious world.

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