Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show at CENTRESTAGE 2023, featuring Hong Kong Ballet

Fashion Hong Kong has curated a sensational showcase of four fashionable designer labels on the first day of CENTRESTAGE 2023, unveiling their captivating Spring/ Summer 2024 collections on the Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show. Presenting a mesmerising fusion of fashion and dance performances in appreciation of art and lifestyle, the runway show was organized in collaboration with the Hong Kong Ballet. Before the fashion shows of each brand, there are astonishing ballet performances in between to highlight the theme of each fashion show.

Photo from: Hong Kong Ballet

Hong Kong Ballet (HKB) is internationally recognised as a world-class institution that represents Hong Kong’s unique character. Since its inception in 1979, HKB has evolved into a vibrant performing arts organisation with a dynamic repertoire, forward-thinking community engagement initiatives and an emphasis on excellence.

The ballet performances by HKB between each brand’s showcases added an extra layer of excitement and entertainment, elevating the entire show to new heights. These graceful and captivating dance sequences seamlessly integrated with fashion displays, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience. Together, they formed a harmonious fusion of artistry and style, completing the show with a flourish of elegance and sophistication.

“Firework” by 112 mountainyam

Photo from: 112 mountainyam

Designer Mountain Yam’s personal design mission is to remind people that the world is big, vibrant and full of inspiration. Yam graduated with a master’s degree in fashion design from the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and received certificates from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design in New York.

In 2014, Yam was recognised as one of the “Next Generation of Design Talent – 40 under 40” by Perspective Magazine. In 2015, Yam received a Dynamic Style Icon Award from Jessica Code Magazine, followed by a Hong Kong Designer Award from Jessica Magazine in 2016. In 2018, Yam was selected to represent the city as part of the Belt and Road International Young Fashion Designers Showcase Tour.

“Firework fleets but it illuminates our lives.” It is the theme of the brand’s SS24 collection.
After the epidemic, waking up like a dream, everything will be renewed. Mountain explores the intelacting of light and shadow, near and far, life and death, etc. and designs a series of ready-to-wear full of dance melodies.

“XenoFuturist: Mystic Legion” by ANGUS TSUI

Know for his vibrant imaginings and futuristic vision, ANGUS TSUI’s passion for environmental sustainability continues the story of space colonisation in “XenoFuturist: Mystic Legion” while demonstrating the unique otherworldly aesthetics. The collection continues a story set in the year 2120. Planet Earth is facing mass destruction and extinction events due to severe environmental pollution, a shortage of resources and over-population. A planet capable of supporting terrestrial life, Origin-7, has been found and become a new destination for human colonisation.

Bold, fascinating silhouettes are part of the ANGUS TSUI DNA, and this season demonstrates the designer’s imagination to future reality with the combination of organic exoskeleton constructions, otherworldly colour combinations and unique textile designs to create a morphing and sophisticated ready-to-wear collection. New design elements including 3D printed accessories, recycled denim textile designs and sustainable knitwear design techniques are applied to the collection to create unique futuristic scenes.

“La Fantasía” by Doriskath

Society often shapes people. We must dress properly and look appropriate, and some might feel confined. But these should never prevent anyone from owning their own dreamland. Everyone could constructs their own imaginative realm, and jump out of society’s casted framework. The unlimited power of imagination allows one to envision their ideal lives. “Finding something to feel positive about gives life meaning.”

Life just happens to limitations, but it is not devoid of hope. It does not have to be restricted; instead, swirl the grids, write your own sheet music. Live with your fantasia played. In this collection, daily life and the fantasyland are depicted separately. Symbolised by sharp shirts, blazers, bulky and girly dress. The prints on the dresses are designed based on illusory images, where lines are distorted and swirled.

Project S – “Lazy forest club” by SUN=SEN

“Lazy forest club” is a collection discussing the relationship of clothing and life. When people are asked why they tend to dress simple with toned down colours, “being lazy”, “being busy”, “stressful brain” are always the answers.

However, “lazy” is not an adjective that people typically want to assign to their aesthetic. In reality, lazy dressing is not necessarily synonymous with sloppy nor unconsidered. In this collection, more core pieces that are adaptable, effortless and incredibly versatile are created.

The collection will make getting dressed become much easier, but never in sacrifice of style. There will more Someonewear and comfort styles in this collection which enough support for low-impact activities like yoga, and casual outdoor activities like hiking and dancing. These classic pieces will make you feel a bit more stylish, sweet and playful, but not in sacrifice of sophistication. The brand hopes to bring the nature closer to human beings, and they are designing more playful hiking wear to encourage more outdoor healthy activities for people. The collection concept has interesting common points as the contemporary ballet. The idea of bringing dancing to life, bringing fashion to lifestyle.

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Source: HKTDC, Fashion Hong Kong