In the photo: (Left 2) Wilson Choi, (Left 4) Kevin Yeung, (Right 4) Chairperson of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Peter Lam and (Right 2) Emi Funayama

The eighth edition of the fashion spotlight, CENTRESTAGE, welcomes two top-notch Asian fashion design units, namely FETICO (Designer: Emi Funayama) from Japan and REDEMPTIVE (Founder and Designer: Wilson Choi) from Hong Kong to present their latest collections at the Gala show, CENTRESTAGE ELITES.

On 6 September 2023, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Kevin Yeung gave an opening speech at the opening ceremony of CENTRESTAGE ELITES 2023. In his speech, the speaker expressed pleasure in celebrating the eighth edition of CENTRESTAGE, a four-day event themed “Radiant Wellness” that combines fashion and well-being while highlighting green design and a healthy lifestyle. He emphasized the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration and government support for the arts, cultural, and creative industries, citing the Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show as an example of such collaboration. The government’s commitment to fostering these industries was reiterated, with a mention of a HK$500 million investment in the CreateSmart Initiative.


After the speech and cocktail session, the long-waited shows finally started, the first brand to present is FETICO. About the designer Emi Funayama: After studying in London at Lstituto Marangoni, Funayama returned to Japan and enrolled at Esmod Japan Tokyo and graduated in 2010. After experiencing few collection brands, Funayama started her own label FETICO in 2020, and won “JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2023” and “TOKYO FASHION AWARD” in 2022.

FETICO is inspired by classic styles that emphasise the beauty of feminine shilhouettes. It reconstructs its aesthetic sense and view of the body from a unique perspective and designs the one of a kind and new female figure by overlapping contrasting elements. FETICO collections meticulously produced in collaboration with Japanese textile production regions and craftsmen. We make designs and products that are loved as beautiful vintage clothing throughout time.

The brand has spread through fashion media in Japan, and is now supported by younger fashion enthusiasts, but they would like to expand this circle of support not just within Asia, but also to the rest of world. It has been three years since they have started the brand, and the environment is changing rapidly every day. As they ride the wave of their brand, they are committed to nurturing and growing this endeavour steadily and securely, ensuring that it remains resilient amidst the ever-changing currents.


The second brand to present on the ELITES show was REDEMPTIVE. The brand’s creative style is rotte in the rebellious younger generation, reflecting contemporary issues as inspiration, and reinterpreting the voices of the overlooked in society through fashion to create a design language with both thoughtfulness and impact. The brand is dedicated to redefining contemporary clothing by staying true to oneself and exploring life.

The designer, Wilson Choi believes that a heart that cares about the world accompanies the rebellious character of the younger generation. The brand is committed to researching and exploring the possibilities of high-tech fashion, integrating various innovative technologies into its designs to create a unique style. The brand has exhibited at Paris Fashion Week and was a finalist for the YU PRIZE Creative Award at Shanghai Fashion Week, and has been featured in many local medias.

About the REDEMPTIVE Spring/ Summer 2024 collection “Out of Service”, it is inspired by a series of office-themed photographs by Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk, this collection questions the world through the lens and teaches us to find meaning in the absurdity of life.

In the photo: Hong Kong celebrities, some of them in REDEMPTIVE

Here, the never-ending stream of paper from a fax machine, the cluttered and unbearable desk, and being submerged in a sea of documents create an office nightmare. This collection explores the problems of modern life from a humorous perspective and conveys an encouraging attitude towards positivity. It is hoped that people can rediscover the beauty of life, explore new possibilities, and find balance and freedom in both work and life.