Hong Kong Designer Robert Wun’s Surreal Symphony at SS24 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Renowned Hong Kong designer Robert Wun mesmerised the fashion world with a glimpse into the enigmatic workings of his mind during the unveiling of his Spring/Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. As Wun described his creative process akin to journaling, the runway became a canvas for his surrealist creations, inspired by the haunting elegance of horror movies.

In a bold move, Wun fully embraced horror-as-fashion for Spring 2024, solidifying his brand as a standout during Paris Fashion Week. From a black-coated model adorned with Wun’s raindrop crystals to a blood-stained bride with a matching red bodysuit-covered figure, each piece told a captivating story that transcended conventional couture.

Wun’s fascination with horror movies took centre stage, translating into moody surrealist silhouettes that beautifully blended the haunting with the poetic. Face coverings added an eerie touch to select looks, while each ensemble told a unique narrative, showcasing Wun’s mastery in crafting fashion as an art form.

Noteworthy within the collection was a bridal ensemble adorned with crystal embroidery resembling glistening bloodstains — a daring twist on bridal couture. Another standout piece, a coat covered in jagged glass shards, paid homage to Trinity in “The Matrix” and reflected on themes of sacrifice and love.

Celebrating a decade since the establishment of his brand, Wun’s Spring/Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection served as a retrospective. Familiar silhouettes were revisited with newfound confidence and maturity, showcasing the evolution of Wun’s distinctive aesthetic and captivating the front-row attendees.

Wun’s imaginative headwear, ranging from umbrella hats to sculpted hand headpieces, complemented the surreal garments and stood as a testament to the designer’s meticulous attention to detail. The grand finale featured a dramatic red bustier gown with a unique twist — a matching mannequin emerging from the waist, symbolising the weight of the subconscious.

Inspired by a Netflix series and driven by a desire to challenge conventional notions of beauty, Wun’s journey from Hong Kong to Paris Fashion Week has been one of audacity and innovation. Drawing inspiration from Cristobal Balenciaga, Wun’s designs have garnered global recognition, earning him the prestigious 2022 Andam Prix Spécial, the globally recognised French award won previously by Martin Margiela, Iris Van Herpen and Lee McQueen.

Wun’s mind, often inventing movie scenes, reflects a journey as a gay, Asian man breaking free from the constraints of a rigid fashion system. His designs pay homage to his roots, with swallowtail pleats inspired by his grandmother’s favorite bird, and each piece resonating with the strength and values instilled by his mother and late grandmother.

In Spring 2024, Robert Wun’s couture transcends fashion, becoming a surreal symphony that challenges norms and invites viewers into the intricate tapestry of his cinematic imagination.

Photos from: RICHARD BORD/GETTY, Kendam