Moncler x adidas Originals Unveil a Fusion of Style and Adventure

In a groundbreaking fusion of style and adventure, Moncler and adidas Originals have embarked on a collaborative journey that blurs the lines between mountainous peaks and city streets. Their latest collection, unveiled with the title ‘The Art of Explorers’, captures the essence of exploration in every stitch, combining Moncler’s heritage of performance innovation with adidas Originals’ legacy of cultural influence.

The heart of the campaign, ‘The Art of Explorers’, is a tribute to the spirit of human endeavour. The spotlight is firmly on explorers, real and artificial, with AI-generated adventurers donning ensembles inspired by the collection. Renowned artists Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor have crafted mesmerising mixed-media sculptures, capturing the essence of exploration through their intricate creations. Photographer Hanna Moon brings these sculptures to life, breathing vitality into their artistic expressions.

The campaign’s tagline, “Where Originality Meets Extraordinary”, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this collaboration. Moncler, a stalwart in performance and utility innovation since its maiden mountain expedition in 1952, meets adidas Originals, an icon shaping urban sportswear since 2001. Together, they have woven a narrative that celebrates the synergy between function and fashion, utility and style.

Beyond the physical realm, the collaboration ventures into the digital domain. A cutting-edge immersive platform on offers a digital odyssey inspired by the collection’s summit-to-city design ethos. This innovative space tantalises the senses, combining sound, video, and 3D animation to create a vibrant cityscape reminiscent of The Art of Genius exhibition at London Fashion Week. Here, visitors can explore exclusive products and captivating 3D artworks, purchasing items through interactive digital billboards. Notably, the collaboration’s iconic NMD boot has been reimagined as an NFT, seamlessly integrating the digital experience with the tangible world.

The Moncler x adidas Originals collection mirrors the exploratory journey from mountain summits to bustling cityscapes. Puffer jackets, both long and short, coexist harmoniously with track jackets and vests, seamlessly blending Moncler’s signature lacquered nylon with adidas Originals’ adi-break paneling. The colour palette dances between the vivid hues of traffic lights and the organic tones of nature, reflecting the contrast between urban life and natural landscapes. The designs draw inspiration from the graceful patterns etched by skiers on snow-covered slopes, infusing the collection with an organic, dynamic energy.

Grounding the collection in adventure, the footwear offerings are nothing short of spectacular. The Moncler-ised NMD boasts a winter-ready GORE-TEX upper and bubble cushioning, ensuring both style and comfort in every step. The iconic Campus silhouette receives the same bubble cushioning treatment, bridging the gap between the rugged outdoors and the urban jungle.

Fashion enthusiasts and explorers alike can delve into this captivating collaboration starting 4 October 2023, as the collection becomes available on and Select Moncler and adidas stores will also offer these innovative pieces from 5 October 2023, promising a thrilling adventure for all who seek the perfect fusion of style and exploration.

Moncler x adidas Originals have not just created a collection; they’ve orchestrated an experience. From the craftsmanship of their garments to the artistry of their digital platform, every element invites you to embark on an exploration where fashion meets the extraordinary. Dive into the world where style knows no boundaries, and the spirit of exploration knows no limits.

Source: Moncler, Adidas