Penfolds Appoints NIGO as First Creative Partner

In mid-July, the one of Australia’s most highly recognised and regarded winemakers, Penfolds has appointed NIGO as their first creative partner. Established in 1844, the worldwide renowned Australian winemaker has persistently dedicated into the merging of science, art and innovation with their wines. This time, the partnership has embarked mesmerising journey to blend the worlds of art and wine together like never before, which is a fusion of taste of creativity for connoisseurs and art enthusiasts.

According the introduction by Penfolds, they describe NIGO as a visionary whose creative talents span fashion, art, and music, and a passionate wine collector and lover of fine wines from all around the world. Also, for over 30 years, NIGO has been at the forefront of culture, establishing himself as a global icon and cultural pioneer. As the Founder of Human Made and Artistic Director of KENZO, NIGO is known for his innovative and future-thinking vision. These values align with Penfolds philosophies, which have been anchored by curiosity, innovation, and a pioneering spirit for almost 180 years.

“I have always loved and enjoyed wine, and Penfolds has always been one of my favorites. My creative partnership with Penfolds is a dream project for which I am grateful of the opportunity.” – NIGO

It is going to be multi-year relationship between Penfolds and NIGO, and there is high anticipation of how NIGO will lead the creative vision for selected Penfolds projects, beginning with the global release of One by Penfolds – a new range of wines celebrating ‘Oneness’.

Oneness embraces what makes us all different and unique, but also the things that bring us together. Using his signature style, NIGO designed four animal motifs which feature on the wine labels – a crocodile, rooster, panda, and bear. The designs represent the four winemaking regions where One by Penfolds wines are sourced – Australia, France, China and America respectively. 

Source: Penfolds