Soluna Fine Art – Summer Tapestry

Summer Tapestry
2023-07-07 ~ 2023-08-31

Soluna Fine Art is proud to present Summer Tapestry, a summer group show spotlighting Kim Ha-Young, Kim Yong-Chul, Rosalyn Ng, Park Yoon-Kyung, and Jon Poblador. Bursting with uplifting colours and narratives, the featured vivid works of acrylic paintings and mixed media illuminate the essence of summer, unleashing boundless creativity and captivating viewers’ senses. 

The name Tapestry refers to the visual narrative of diverse artistic expressions, forming an interconnected tapestry of emotions and ideas embodying the spirit of the summer season. The exhibition will also invite the visitors to weave their narratives as they traverse the gallery space, appreciating the diversity of artistic expressions.

Exhibition Details: