Tai Kwun announces 2023/24 programme guide: A year of holistic exhibitions and cultural delights

Tai Kwun Programme Announcement 2023/24 Press Conference, 11 October 2023, JC Cube, Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun — the vibrant cultural heart of Hong Kong, is thrilled to announce a spectacular array of programming from now until summer 2024.

The subtle freshness in the evening air is the planet quietly letting us know that we can finally leave summer behind, move the beach chairs out of the shade and enjoy the full spectrum of arts and culture indoors and out as Tai Kwun announces its full 2023/24 programme from autumn to summer. While our superb indoor spaces such as JC Contemporary, JC Cube, F Hall Studio and Duplex Studio continue to house fascinating exhibitions, performances and talks, our incomparable outdoor spaces — Parade Ground and Prison Yard — where imposing heritage edifices and striking contemporary architecture protectively surround these generous expanses of open space, come fully to life with outdoor shows — free-of-charge, full of fun — entertainment and perhaps a few unexpected surprises.

Throughout 2023/24, Tai Kwun’s programming is typically eclectic, born out of our unique old-meets-new collection of heritage and contemporary architecture which in turn inspires us to bring old worlds and new worlds together, to welcome pioneering artists and performers from the rest of the world to share their vision with us alongside Chinese artists whose works radiate the vitality of the arts in our region and, from time to time, to revisit those quirky taken-for-granted Hong Kong eccentricities which, in the hands of our most imaginative artists, can put a wry smile on our face.

Three new art exhibitions will open in turn to create Tai Kwun’s Autumn/Winter exhibition season. One of the most distinctive contemporary art forms which has found such a natural home in Tai Kwun is Live Art, involving dancers and performers who bring artworks to life throughout exhibition hours; our live art programmes have been igniting curiosity in our contemporary art programming since Tai Kwun’s opening. This month, Tai Kwun unveils a captivating new chapter with Maria Hassabi’s I’ll Be Your Mirror (from 13 October), where works blur the lines between performers and spectators, subjects and objects, and confront audiences as living sculptures. As the days shorten in early winter, the Duplex Studio becomes home to the psychedelic solo exhibition Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk, which reimagines the resurrection of legendary Chinese poet Qu Yuan in a cyberpunk future, weaving together elements of animation, sound, and neon art. Just before the holiday season, Green Snake: women-centred ecologies features a diverse roster of artists, exploring women-centred ecological themes through various mediums to showcase the complex relationships between gender, environment, and culture.

As spring breathes new life into the art world, Tai Kwun’s JC Contemporary sets the stage for an invigorating fusion of American creativity and Asian perspectives. American artist Sarah Morris takes the spotlight with ETC, her cinematic exploration of everyday Hong Kong locales and iconic figures, capturing the city’s evolution in the post-Covid era. The climax of the 2023/24 season of contemporary art will be a first not only for Hong Kong but for all of Asia: the large-scale survey exhibition, co-curated with Pinault Collection and mounted exclusively for Hong Kong, of US-born pioneering visionary Bruce Nauman will fill the galleries of JC Contemporary and F Hall Gallery throughout the summer of 2024. Encompassing over five decades of Nauman’s diverse artistic experimentation, the showcase delves deep into his profound influence on art movements like post-minimalism and conceptual art, impacting a generation of artists around the world and in Asia particularly.

Amidst the summer heat, an artistic and literary oasis awaits with BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair at Tai Kwun Contemporary. Returning for its sixth edition, the exceptional event gathers over 100 artists, publishers, and booksellers to celebrate the profound role of books as a medium for artistic expression and a conduit for intellectual exploration.

Two newly renovated heritage galleries, Victoria Prison: B Hall & D Hall, will debut permanent exhibitions in autumn, marking the beginning of a multiyear project aimed at enhancing the interpretation of heritage throughout the site. These exhibitions, which include new research, multi-vocal narratives, ex-inmates’ voices, and creative works, emphasise the prison’s historic transformation and how a confinement space for inmates can also offer a transformative–journey of rehabilitation. As these newly interpreted historic spaces open to the public, deeper insights revealing some of the newly uncovered research into the Victoria Prison will be the subject of an entire series of Tai Kwun Conversations as well as a new series of Discover Tai Kwun — an online video documentary series to be released in parallel with the unveiling of B and D Halls.

With a growing reputation for creative performances which respond to or make inventive use of the highly distinctive and quite unconventional spaces, Tai Kwun’s performing arts encompass music, theatre, dance, circus, cabaret and film. The Prison Yard Festival: Music from within sets the stage against the imposing background of the granite-textured Prison Wall and conjures a magical and intimate atmosphere to give audiences a series of unforgettable musical events, performed by Hong Kong’s finest classical musicians side by side with some of the world’s most exceptional performers. With the last notes of the Prison Yard Festival still ringing in our ears, the lighting up of Tai Kwun’s towering Christmas Tree on 1 December signals the joy of giving which is at the heart of Simple Gifts of Joy — The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s month-long Christmas extravaganza of free entertainment in the Parade Ground: heart-warming Christmas carols, encounters with giant giraffe puppets who can be found strolling amongst the crowds and some gravity-defying aerial skills which will make your heart leap. Circus Plays supports the best young circus talent in Hong Kong and stimulates their creativity by inviting international artists known for bringing a contemporary edge to a foundation of extraordinary personal skill.

The winning artwork from the Open Call: Tai Kwun Neon Connection will continue to pay homage to Hong Kong’s iconic neon lights, creating a captivating bridge between the Parade Ground and the Prison Yard, further enriching the unique cultural experience Tai Kwun offers. InnerGlow has captured the imagination of the public since its first season in 2022 and returns with a completely new show which will transform, illuminate, animate and play with the huge historic façade of the Barrack Block, providing free, awe-inspiring entertainment for family throughout the CNY period. As the season progresses, the fourth edition of SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts is set to sparkle with site-specific theatre productions, technological marvels, and theatrical masterpieces. Tai Kwun is honoured to open Spotlight with a profound and meditative performance by the legendary Tsai Ming-liang before diversifying the Spotlight season to encompass a wide range of disciplines, several productions having been developed over the last 2-3 years as Tai Kwun enables creative and performing artists in the fields of theatre-making, music and dance.

Timothy Calnin, Director of Tai Kwun Arts, unveiling 2023/24 Tai Kwun Programmes at the Press Conference

Announcing the 2023/24 season, Director of Tai Kwun Arts, Timothy Calnin said, “Presenting a suite of programming which takes us from the autumn through all four seasons until next summer provides Tai Kwun with the opportunity to demonstrate our breadth of programming, aimed at making high-quality arts and heritage experiences available, accessible and attractive to the whole Hong Kong community. It is also a chance to articulate some of our overarching themes and highlight certain types of programmes which we have developed over a number of years as we provide insights into our artist development programmes which evolve organically in order to offer the right support for young and emerging home-grown artists at the right time. Our confidence in making these long-term commitments is only possible with the unwavering support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, which, having revitalised Tai Kwun in the first place, has committed to supporting Tai Kwun and our many programmes into the future. It is thanks to the Club that Tai Kwun is increasingly described by regular visitors as, ‘my favourite place in Hong Kong’”.

Prison Yard Festival-Music from within

Date: 20-30 November 2023
Venue: Prison Yard & JC Cube

The sounds of music cannot be imprisoned by lofty walls, barred windows and barbed wire. As music freely escapes from Tai Kwun’s Prison Yard, wafting gently upward into the night sky, music just as effortlessly drifts across land borders and vast oceans, using humanity’s common primal response to music as its passport, and the act of communal music-making a form of intuitive diplomacy.

Revered conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim and the late Palestinian public intellectual Edward Said shared both a passion for music and a profound commitment to peace in the Middle East. By forming an orchestra of Israeli and Arab musicians, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, every rehearsal, performance, recording and concert tour would be irrefutable proof that living, working and playing side by side in a shared pursuit of a musical ideal can create the common ground from which can grow empathy, understanding and reconciliation.

Tai Kwun is immensely proud to host the West-Eastern Divan Ensemble as our ensemble-in-residence in November 2023, comprising eight principal musicians from the Orchestra, directed from the violin by Michael Barenboim. The residency includes two full concerts featuring the whole ensemble in music by Elliott Carter, Fanny Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Schubert, a community outreach programme, an exciting collaboration with outstanding Hong Kong pianist Wong Chiyan and opens with a Tai Kwun Conversation in which Hong Kong audiences will hear about the musicians’ experience of performing in the ensemble and the orchestra, gain insights into the challenges and triumphs which have defined the West-Eastern Divan’s 24-year history, and have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A on the opening night of the Prison Yard Festival.

Several of Hong Kong’s finest classical musicians perform throughout the Festival, including Shelley Ng to whom we handed the challenge to devise her own, personal Beethoven by Moonlight recital under the November full moon on 27 November, by using the Moonlight Sonata as a launch pad for a highly personal musical flight of imagination. Violinist Wang Liang once again assembles a close-knit quintet of like-minded musicians for Brahms’s serene and autumnal Clarinet Quintet before racing off in an easterly direction, dancing frantically in Bartok’s Transylvanian, Romanian, Arab and Turkish footsteps to arrive just in time for a Jewish wedding.

Before each concert in the Prison Yard, we salute the centenary of the birth of the avant-garde Hungarian composer György Ligeti (1923-2006) with a series of short pre-concert concerts on the Laundry Steps, each of which includes a performance of the notorious Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes.

Tai Kwun Neon Connection

Inspired by the overwhelming public response to Vital Signs — our summer exhibition that paid tribute to Hong Kong’s distinctive neon culture in the second half of the 20th Century — Tai Kwun invited Hong Kong’s creative minds to participate in Tai Kwun Neon Connection and use neon light to illuminate Tai Kwun Lane, with the objective of enticing visitors in the Parade Ground to explore the Prison Yard and vice versa.

From a pool of impressive submissions, Tai Kwun’s judging panel, comprising experts in the fields of design, architecture, heritage conservation, neon science, contemporary art and engineering were thrilled and inspired by the 24 entries which were received, but, faced with the daunting task of selecting only one winning entry, the panel agreed that YARD Architecture Studio’s concept Memoir in Neon not only met all of the stringent judging criteria but also dazzled with its flair, creativity and boldness, while respecting the authentic heritage setting in which it is to be installed. The winning entry of Neon Connection will be switched on in late January 2024 to coincide with the opening of InnerGlow 2024.

Installation Date: Late January 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun Lane
Supported by: Bloomberg Philanthropies

12-metre-tall Christmas tree and daily light show at Parade Ground, Tai Kwun

HKJC Presents Simple Gifts of Joy

Tai Kwun and The Hong Kong Jockey Club celebrate Simple Gifts of Joy this festive season

What’s the perfect gift for the holiday season? Often, it’s the intangible things that have the most lasting impression — those spontaneous smiles, those warm embraces, those moments shared together. Christmas is that special time of year when these little things take on an extra special meaning. This is the spirit in which Tai Kwun and The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“HKJC”) conceived this entire Christmas season in the Parade Ground where Simple Gifts of Joy will encompass Christmas carols, circus spectacle, comedy, a parade of giant giraffe puppets, gravity-defying acrobatics and a competitive playoff of edgy circus skills, all within the twinkling glow of Tai Kwun’s towering Christmas tree. Singers and circus performers from Hong Kong are featured alongside brilliantly entertaining international acts such as Gregarious (from Switzerland), Giraffes (Spain) and Funny Business (UK) as each weekend of December grows and buzzes with more excitement and joy, all offered free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

Date: 1 December 2023 – 1 January 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun Circus Plays is Tai Kwun’s laboratory for contemporary circus arts, providing all the promise and potential of Hong Kong’s home-grown talent with the chance to experiment, and explore new skills and concepts with access to a carefully selected cohort of international artists who are distinguished by the quirky originality and uniqueness of their performances and for opening up new and unexpected horizons for contemporary circus. Circus beginners can find their way in through Circus Bootcamp and work their way towards professionalism through New Boom in Circus and Circus Wulin, and compete for the audience’s longest and loudest applause in Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle in the season’s finale.

Date: 1 December 2023 – 1 January 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun

InnerGlow 2024

In a very short space of time, InnerGlow has captured the imagination of the Hong Kong public and a sense of curiosity and anticipation is developing as InnerGlow 2024 approaches. Tai Kwun’s Creative and Technical Partner for InnerGlow is The Electric Canvas — the brilliant minds behind so many of the architectural projection mapped spectacles that pulled the world’s focus onto Vivid Sydney from its very first year. Apart from taking the creative lead in the first two seasons of InnerGlow, The Electric Canvas has been working closely with Tai Kwun to spot talent for future productions of InnerGlow so that, through this remarkably generous partner, Tai Kwun can help to build up Hong Kong’s capability in this highly specialised field in which the lines between creative artists and technical geeks become blurred while the end results come ever more sharply into focus. Having worked with, coached and mentored a highly skilled and talented cohort of Hong Kong artists, illustrators, animators, sound producers and technicians, The Electric Canvas has now stepped back into a mentor and adviser role in the creation of a new show for the Barrack Block and handed the creative lead to Oliver Shing, the highly distinctive Hong Kong film-maker, and his creative team at Daaimung, who will conceive, create and direct InnerGlow 2024. Details are still very much under wraps, but rumours suggest that one of Tai Kwun’s most prominent themes of 2023 — Hong Kong’s unique visual identity as expressed through the medium of neon signs —will find its way into the aesthetic looks of InnerGlow 2024.

Meanwhile, the search remains open to bring more of Hong Kong’s young creative talents into the world of InnerGlow, and by expanding the reach of InnerGlow up to the Prison Yard this year, Tai Kwun can provide students of art, creative media, film and design with the unique opportunity to try out their ideas under the guidance of The Electric Canvas, to rethink and rework, expand their practice and bring them back to the Prison Yard, which becomes their massive creative workshop space.

Date: 26 January – 14 February 2024
Venue: Parade Ground, Pottinger Ramp, Prison Yard
Principal Sponsor: CLP Holdings Limited

SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Art

Eyes on Hong Kong, mind on the world — Tai Kwun Performing Arts Season: SPOTLIGHT has always advocated for interdisciplinary collaborations, where local artists break free from conceptions of space and form to explore new possibilities of the performing arts. As the season enters its 4th edition, we are now seeing previous commissions gradually making their way onto the international stage, showcasing the vibrant vitality of new creations.

In a time of global recovery, Tai Kwun dedicates its efforts to foster collaborations between Hong Kong and international artists. The season will feature the Spanish award-winning outdoor theatre production Dormitory Town adapted to the Hong Kong context; as well as The Algorithmic Theatre, a newly-established Danish collective working alongside Hong Kong director Wiki Lo to explore the relationship of technology and human lives. The season continues to embody the spirit of local commissions and the introduction of masterpieces, such as renowned film director Tsai Ming-liang’s theatre work The Monk from Tang Dynasty. More programmes to be announced.

Date: April 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun

Victoria Prison: B Hall & D Hall

To inspire continuous discovery of Tai Kwun, two heritage galleries located in the former Victoria Prison — B Hall & D Hall — will unveil new permanent exhibitions in autumn 2023. The two remodelled galleries will kick off a multiyear project for refreshing and enriching heritage interpretation across the site. Asking new questions — such as “What is Prison Life Like?” “What Hurts? What Heals?” — the new exhibitions are based on newly uncovered research that deepens our understanding about the site’s complex histories, the real people, and their experiences within the prison walls. The historical realities of corporal and capital punishment, racial discrimination, physical and psychological pain are juxtaposed with the redemptive themes of rehabilitation, family and social support, and inner and spiritual freedom.

Multivocal narratives about the prison — including the voices of correctional officers, ex-inmates, and a prison chaplain — showcase the different dimensions of authenticity in heritage. The interpretation highlights the historic prison as a transformed heritage site for reconciliation and peacemaking, for transcending the wall of separation, and for connecting all people, including the vulnerable and the marginalised.

Curated by Anita Chung and Maggie Chan
Date: 16 November 2023 onwards
Venue: B Hall & D Hall

Bruce Nauman

Tai Kwun Contemporary and Pinault Collection will host a survey exhibition of the US-born artist Bruce Nauman, inspired by “Bruce Nauman: Contrapposto Studies”, presented at Punta della Dogana, Venice, in 2021. Based on works from the Pinault Collection and realised in collaboration with the Bruce Nauman Studio, the exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary takes the form of a survey covering aspects of the artist’s entire career, the first show of this kind to be presented in Asia.

Bruce Nauman (b. Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1941) is considered as one of the most influential artists working today. From the 1960s to the present day, Nauman has constantly experimented with various artistic languages — from photography to performance, from sculpture to video — exploring their potentialities, and producing a body of work that questions the very definition of what constitutes artistic practice. This upcoming exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary highlights the experimental character of the artist’s work by including a wide diversity of media, developed over five decades

Part of Tai Kwun Contemporary’s series of major summer exhibitions, which put the spotlight on major pioneering artists.

Artist: Bruce Nauman
Curated by Caroline Bourgeois (Pinault Collection), Carlos Basualdo (Philadelphia Museum of Art), and Pi Li (Tai Kwun Contemporary)
Date: May – August 2024
Venue: JC Contemporary
Based on works from the Pinault Collection and realised in collaboration with the Bruce Nauman Studio; special thanks to Angela Westwater and Sperone Westwater Gallery

Green Snake: women-centred ecologies

Green Snake: women-centred ecologies focuses on the connections between art and larger themes of ecology in the context of the climate crisis. The exhibition asks what alternative narratives are activated through artists’ visions that celebrate nature as an all-encompassing and generative force, many of them grounded in notions of care and interrelationship that are central to ecofeminism — that natural sustainability is based on the equality of human, nature, and other beings.

The exhibition references the mythological snake figure in East Asian culture, which often takes the form of a woman when walking amongst humans. Highlighting the green snake’s potential for transformation and renewal — when snakes grow, they shed their skins — the exhibition is directly inspired by an ancient Chinese folktale, dating back at least 1000 years, about two powerful snake-maiden sisters, White Snake and Green Snake, whose story reveals themes of agency, sisterhood, and gender fluidity. On another level, in the exhibition, the snake’s sinuous curves echo the geomorphology of river systems and the vital energy of the water flowing through them. A number of artists in the exhibition have long been interested in and researching specific river ecosystems and mythologies. The exhibition thus deepens the dialogue between works by artists whose practice is rooted in geographies with longstanding political and environmental issues. The figure of an all-encompassing circle of planetary and cosmic renewal emerges in a symphonic call for a radical reorientation of the human within the whole.

Artists: AFSAR (Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research), Yussef Agbo-Ola & Tabita Rezaire, Maria Thereza Alves, Lhola Amira, Minia Biabiany, Adriana Bustos, Seba Calfuqueo, Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun, Carolina Caycedo, Stephanie Comilang & Simon Speiser, Valentina Desideri & Denise Ferreira da Silva, Rohini Devasher, Gidree Bawlee, Guo Fengyi, Manjot Kaur, Jaffa Lam, Candice Lin, Lavanya Mani, Marzia Migliora, Ann Leda Shapiro, Karan Shrestha, Dima Srouji, Cecilia Vicuña, Tricky Walsh, Dana Whabira

Curated by Kathryn Weir​ and Xue Tan, with assistant curators Tiffany Leung and

Pietro Scammacca
Date: 20 December 2023 – 1 April 2024
Venue: 1/F JC Contemporary & Prison Yard
Lead Sponsor: Indosuez Wealth Management

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

Immortal souls, past lives, and cyberpunk futures fuse in a psychedelic solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Kongkee, which follows legendary Chinese poet Qu Yuan (c. 339-278 BCE), a singular commemorated hero of the annual Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Kongkee’s animated film Dragon’s Delusion begins after Qu Yuan’s untimely ending, in which he drowned himself in a river, dejected and in despair over the state of affairs of those tumultuous times. From there, Kongkee imagines the poet’s resurrection 2,000 years after his death, from the waters of the Kingdom of Chu into a cyberpunk future. As his soul wanders a landscape filled with cyborgs and surprising romantic reunions, several worlds collide, reflecting Kongkee’s own philosophical outlook on the past, and Qu Yuan’s futuristic language that possessed its own wandering quality and inspired generations of artists.

Part comic book, part motion picture, part speculative journey, Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk is an immersive experience complete with a large-scale LED installation and site-specific neon works, transforming Tai Kwun’s heritage site into a cyberpunk universe that bridges the past and the future.

For the presentation of Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk at Duplex Studio in Tai Kwun, apart from selected works from the previous exhibition, Kongkee will develop new site-specific works in connection with Hong Kong that reflect on the world we live in today. The exhibition is first organised by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and curated by Abby Chen, Head of Contemporary Art and Senior Associate Curator and this presentation at Tai Kwun is co-curated by Ying Kwok, Senior Curator at Tai Kwun.

Artist: Kongkee (aka Kong Khong-chang)
Curated by Abby Chen and Ying Kwok
Date: 9 December 2023 – 3 March 2024
Venue: Duplex Studio, Block 01
Lead Sponsor: Oriental Watch Company

Sarah Morris: ETC

Commissioned by M+ and Tai Kwun Contemporary, Sarah Morris’s newest film ETC (2023) is a cinematic portrait of Hong Kong made in the spring of 2023. ETC will screen for the first time on the M+ Façade facing the city skyline, and in March, ETC will screen on the Tai Kwun Contemporary galleries; alongside a site-specific commissioned wall painting, the feature film also includes an exclusive soundtrack composed by the artist Liam Gillick.

The film documents the city post-covid, recently reopened to the outside world. In an era marked by rapid change, ETC meditates on the psychology, architecture, and culture of Hong Kong, layering daily life with complex histories.

ETC charts both iconic and lesser-known city locations, including HSBC headquarters, LegCo, ATL Logistics Centre, Sham Shui Po’s Electronic Market, Hop Cheong Pens & Lighters Co., and Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. The feature-length film also features notable Hong Kong residents such as graphic designer Henry Steiner, architect James Kinoshita, and actress Josie Ho, amongst many others.

Since Morris’s 1998 debut film, Midtown, which captures a day in the life of the city of New York, she has filmed ten global metropolises including Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, among others. ETC continues Morris’s examination of the chain of global sites in the electronic and digital age post-pandemic. The title plays with the designs of Henry Steiner, alluding to the history of Hong Kong as a global banking center, yet forming a futurist abbreviation and shorthand for Morris’s latest film.

Artist: Sarah Morris
Curated by Tobias Berger
Date: March 2024
Venue: 3/F JC Contemporary

BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair

Tai Kwun Contemporary’s BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair 2024 is returning for its sixth edition! Featuring over 100 artists, booksellers, organisations, and publishers from Hong Kong and around the world, BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair will also include special displays, dynamic projects, and a wide roster of thought-provoking conversations, performances, and workshops.

BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair underscores Tai Kwun Contemporary’s dedication to providing a platform for creative practitioners and publishers who are invested in books as a medium of artistic and intellectual expression, particularly around publishing as artistic practice and artists’ books.

Date: End of August 2024
Venue: JC Contemporary
Artistic Team: Daniel Szehin Ho, Ingrid Pui Yee Chu, Louiza Ho

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror

The artist and choreographer Maria Hassabi (b. Cyprus) has long pioneered live installations that explore the sculptural body, image-making, and the deceleration of time. Frequently involving dancers moving at a glacial, barely perceptible pace, Hassabi’s works confront visitors as living sculptures. Her works bring the performing body into museums, theatres, and public spaces, which shift the boundaries between visitors and performers, subjects and objects.

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Asia. Comprising elements of performance, sound, photography and painting, the exhibition brings her pathbreaking practice to Hong Kong, with all works newly commissioned for Tai Kwun’s architectural environment. The central body of work on 3/F gravitates around the production of image through the usage of mirrors dressed in gold, playing with the myriad meanings and representations of gold in ancient and contemporary myths — as a colour in divinity, as a symbolic representation of capitalism, or even a kitsch sample from pop culture. The paradox between the immutability of gold and the shifting perceptions of its representation echoes the tensions in Hassabi’s practice — between subjects and objects, dance and sculpture, the live body and still images, the spectacular and the everyday.

Artist: Maria Hassabi
Curated by Xue Tan, with Louiza Ho
Date: 13 October – 26 November 2023
Venue: 3/F JC Contemporary


Courtesy of Tai Kwun