Whitestone Gallery

De/construct: Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Wang Yi, Soonik Kwon
2023-07-06 ~ 2023-08-17

Whitestone Gallery is honoured to present De/construct, a group exhibition showcasing works by three East Asian artists: Tsuyoshi Maekawa, renowned second-generation artist of the Japanese Gutai movement, Chinese abstract minimalist Wang Yi and Korean artist Soonik Kwon who captures the essence of time through art practice. Together three artists express their unique interpretations of life and Eastern philosophy, including the aura and energy of life. They deconstruct concepts and avant-ideas thus to diversify the way of reading a painting by carrying out unique experiments on artistic practice, gesture and materiality. 

Exhibition Details: https://www.whitestone-gallery.com/zh-tw/blogs/gallery-exhibitions/hk-q-de-construct-072023