Asian Stars in International Famous Brands’ Ads: Carina Lau and Michelle Yeoh Shine Bright

The global landscape of fashion and advertising has become a platform for showcasing the talent and beauty of Asian stars. In recent campaigns by international famous brands, two prominent Asian actresses, Carina Lau and Michelle Yeoh, have taken centre stage, captivating audiences with their grace, elegance, and cultural significance. Carina Lau’s collaboration with Self-Portrait and Michelle Yeoh’s partnership with Lululemon exemplify the growing recognition and representation of Asian talent in the fashion and film industries.

Carina Lau in Self-Portrait:

Self-Portrait, a renowned international fashion brand, has launched its Lunar New Year campaign, featuring the talented actress Carina Lau and Malaysian model Ling Tan. The campaign captures the essence of family and tradition during the Lunar New Year celebrations. The founder and director of Self-Portrait, Han Chong, expressed his excitement about having Carina Lau and Ling Tan as part of the campaign, describing them as acting and fashion icons he deeply respects.

The Lunar New Year collection by Self-Portrait showcases a range of stylish pieces for women and children. The designs reimagine the classic Chinese cheongsam, incorporating traditional colours such as red, green, and gold. Additionally, the brand’s “Bow Bag” receives a special silver and gold treatment, making it a perfect accessory for the festive season.

Michelle Yeoh in Lululemon:

In collaboration with Lululemon, Academy Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh stars in a short film titled “Be Spring.” The film marks the arrival of the Spring season and promotes the concept of overall well-being. Michelle Yeoh is joined by eight Wing Chun dancers, creating an artistic portrayal of the martial art form.

Michelle Yeoh has a deep connection with Wing Chun, as she credits her successful acting career to years of training in dance and martial arts. Reflecting on her previous role in the movie “Wing Chun,” she feels honoured to collaborate with professional dancers for this meaningful project.

The film emphasises the importance of finding inner balance and peace in one’s life. Michelle Yeoh believes that understanding oneself, both physically and mentally, is crucial for achieving well-being. As a newly appointed member of the International Olympic Committee, she is passionate about promoting the benefits of sports and encouraging younger generations to embrace physical movement for a balanced lifestyle.

Lululemon’s Lunar New Year capsule collection, worn by Michelle Yeoh and the Wing Chun dancers in the film, draws inspiration from dragon scales, symbolising the year of the dragon. The collection includes reimagined versions of popular Lululemon franchises, such as Align, Metal Vent Tech, and Wunder Puff, designed with this season’s colour palette.

Lululemon’s Lunar New Year campaign aligns with Michelle Yeoh’s values of well-being and sports. The campaign aims to invite viewers to find eternal spring in their everyday lives by embracing Eastern culture and focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Through the combination of Wing Chun martial arts and dance, the film “Be Spring” beautifully showcases the power and grace of movement.

The collaboration between Asian stars and international famous brands highlights the global recognition and influence of Asian talent. Carina Lau and Michelle Yeoh’s participation in these campaigns not only adds prestige to the brands but also represents the cultural diversity and excellence of Asian artists. Their involvement further strengthens the connection between fashion, film, and the celebration of Asian traditions.

Photos from: Self-Portrait/ Lululemon