Web3 Festival 2024 Announces Partnership Program for its NFT Ticket Distribution

The year of 2024 comes with a unique set of Web3 opportunities and possibilities, symbolized by inscriptions still heating up across different chains, potential bitcoin ETF approvals, and the Bitcoin halving expected in April. It definitely marks a critical moment driving mass adoption for Web3.

Following the overwhelming success of its record-breaking 2023 event, HK Web3 Festival 2024 is set to take place from April 6 to 9, hosted across an area of about 9,000㎡, and joined by over 300 guest speakers, 150+ exhibitors, and 100+ media.

With NFT tickets to Web3 Festival 2024 available for sale now, the NFT ticket distribution program officially opens, seeking partnerships across industries to build a digital network for ticket sales and distribution using Web3 and blockchain.

NFT Tickets
NFT tickets represent digital admission passes for exhibitions, concerts, or any other community events. Unlike traditional paper stubs, NFT tickets are cheaper and quicker to produce, and the blockchain’s innate traceability and transparency ensure lower chances for an NFT ticket to get stolen, damaged, or counterfeited. Besides, each NFT ticket has a unique digital signature that can be traced to the ticketholder, opening up a new world of opportunities for community operation and revenue generation.

This collection of NFT tickets to HK Web3 Festival 2024 is designed, produced and verified by JOIN, a Web3 ticketing platform incubated by HashKey. Customers who have paid for an NFT ticket using USDT will get an NFT powered by Polygon (running on the ERC-1155 standard).

Seeking partners for NFT ticket distribution
We are seeking partners to work with us on the NFT ticket distribution program at the Web3 Festival 2024. This partnership means more than just allowing you to sell NFT tickets and getting a cut of commissions. See some of the main benefits you can get:

  • Commission on ticket sales. You can get a certain portion of commission on each ticket sale that comes from your own store. The price of NFT tickets are exactly the same as regular ones.
  • Custom ticket design. We offer customized NFT ticket designs for key partners.
  • Increase brand awareness. Being our partner will let your brand more widely seen by all attendees and potential participants of the once-in-a-year Web3 grand meeting.
  • Become PortUS genesis partners. Being our NFT ticketing partner also makes you an early community partner of PortUS to enjoy its VIP privileges in the future.

Each of our partners gets his/her own digital store to promote NFT tickets after providing us an EVM-compatible address, and a purchase is finished once a customer clicks on the link you provide and mints his/her own NFT ticket.

How to join us
We welcome media/projects/KOLs with a certain amount of followers, readers, members or users to apply to become our NFT ticketing partner: https://hongkong.web3festival.org/sponsorapplication

Upon review of the information you submitted, we will contact you soon for further discussion.

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group reserve all rights of authority and final explanation of NFT ticketing partners. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Hong Kong Web3 Festival is a premier Web3 event co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group. Following the overwhelming success of its record-breaking 2023 event, HK Web3 Festival 2024 is aiming to build a Web3-based ticket distribution paradigm to further promote the Web3 mass adoption in ticketing system and digital product distribution.

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