Swatch and OMEGA “Reach for the Planets” with the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Swatch and OMEGA have unveiled the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection, a fusion of innovation and design inspired by the cosmos. Celebrating the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch, this non-limited collection takes enthusiasts on a celestial journey, drawing inspiration from each planet in our solar system.

The Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection features eleven models, each named after a planetary body. What sets this collection apart is the use of Bioceramic material, seamlessly integrating with the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch design elements. Swatch’s joy of life and commitment to innovation shine through in this down-to-earth take on the watch that made history.

Every model in the collection embraces the Speedmaster’s asymmetrical case, the distinctive ‘dot over ninety’ on the tachymeter scale, and the iconic subdials. The dials proudly display the OMEGA x Swatch branding, Speedmaster logo, and the new MoonSwatch logo. The domed biosourced glass construction reveals a hidden ‘S’ in the crystal, adding a subtle yet distinctive touch.

Each Bioceramic MoonSwatch is adorned with Super-LumiNova® on hands and hour markers, ensuring a luminous glow in the dark. The double-beveled caseback carries inspirational mission text, urging wearers to “DREAM BIG – FLY HIGH – EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE – REACH FOR THE PLANETS.” The battery cover showcases an image of the corresponding planetary body that inspired the design.

The collection introduces various models, such as the “MISSION TO THE SUN” with its sunbrushed golden dial or the “MISSION TO MARS” featuring fiery red tones and playful spacecraft-shaped hands. Each model encapsulates the essence of its celestial inspiration, from the intense deep grey of “MISSION TO MERCURY” to the powdery pastel pink of “MISSION TO VENUS.”


Immerse yourself in the vibrant solar hues of this watch, featuring a sunbrushed golden-coloured dial and a white VELCRO© strap. With orange accents and a refined circular pattern, the “MISSION TO THE SUN” pays homage to the mighty star at the heart of our solar system.


Graced with the steel grey allure reminiscent of the lunar surface, the “MISSION TO THE MOON” embraces the essence of the original Moonwatch. Contrasting white details, a black VELCRO© strap, and the iconic ‘dot over ninety’ detail on the bezel pay tribute to the historic journey to our celestial neighbour.


Channeling the intensity of deep grey, the “MISSION TO MERCURY” exudes a business-like demeanour with metallic grey VELCRO© strap. White and black contrasts, along with intricate circular patterns, mirror the dynamic nature of the closest planet to the sun.


Radiate elegance with the “MISSION TO VENUS,” where a pastel pink dial meets a white VELCRO© strap. Oval subdials adorned with diamond-like details add a touch of femininity, making this watch a perfect blend of grace and celestial inspiration.


Earthy green tones symbolise environmental affinity in the “MISSION ON EARTH,” coupled with a navy blue VELCRO© strap. Brown accents and white subdials bring a natural touch, echoing a commitment to our home planet’s lush landscapes.


Set ablaze with fiery red tones, the “MISSION TO MARS” pays tribute to the Red Planet. Unique spacecraft-shaped hands on subdials and a bright white dial evoke the spirit of the Speedmaster Alaska II, creating a playful nod to Martian exploration.


Beige tones paired with a black VELCRO© strap define the “MISSION TO JUPITER.” Orange accents, reminiscent of the Speedmaster Ultraman, make this watch a sophisticated homage to the gas giant, merging earthly elegance with celestial allure.


Sandy beige tones meet a brown dial in the “MISSION TO SATURN,” where the seconds subdial depicts Saturn’s iconic rings. Brown accents, combined with Super-LumiNova® glow, create a harmonious tribute to the majestic ringed planet.


Pastel blue hues and a bright white VELCRO© strap define the “MISSION TO URANUS.” White accents and intricate circular patterns reflect the serene yet mysterious nature of the distant ice giant, creating a visually captivating timepiece.


Dive into the deep navy-blue tones of the “MISSION TO NEPTUNE,” complemented by a black VELCRO© strap. White accents and a circular pattern capture the essence of the eighth planet, creating a watch that mirrors the enigmatic beauty of the outer reaches of our solar system.


Embrace the cool grey tones of the “MISSION TO PLUTO,” featuring a dark grey VELCRO© strap. With an eggshell-toned dial, burgundy counters, and a unique two-toned design, this watch pays homage to the dwarf planet with a touch of cosmic sophistication.


  • Case Material: Bioceramic
  • Case Diameter: 42.00 mm
  • Case Thickness: 13.25 mm
  • Lug-to-Lug Distance: 47.30 mm
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water Resistance: 3 Bar
  • Strap: VELCRO®
  • Price: US$270.00 / HK$2,100

This innovative collaboration between Swatch and OMEGA brings a unique blend of craftsmanship, space-inspired design, and the joy of life into the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection, allowing enthusiasts to reach for the planets in style.

This non-limited collection is available for purchase at selected Swatch stores (1 watch per person per store per day).

Source: Swatch